Vine Faith in Action

Nimbus responded to an RFP for a new website for Vine Faith in Action and were awarded the winning bid. We worked a long time to identify a site design that worked for them, and entering all of the features and content on their site. It was an amazing project and the outcome was beyond our expectations. One of the biggest challenges on the site was fitting all of their content in such a way that also made it easily accessible and easy to find for their customers, many of whom are older, less tech savvy individuals. I think we more than accomplished out goals!

Some of the features of the Vine Faith in Action site include:

  • WordPress CMS administrative backend for easy content entry and maintenance
  • Page builder backend allowing for an amazing array of custom content types and layouts
  • A very customized template website design, incorporating the color and branding requirements of Vine
  • FAQs, Testimonials, sliders, tickers, accordions, you name it, it’s there
  • Multiple custom contact forms
  • Multiple custom footers and contact information depending on page the customer is on
  • Custom calendars
  • Custom Thrift Store inventory page
  • And more!

We also host the Vine Faith in Action site in our cloud hosting environment.

Posted by / March 2, 2019