The Smart Savings Magazine

The Smart Savings Magazine has been around for a number of years in Mankato and the surrounding area, but a few years ago the owner decided that they would like to sell, so it was purchased by Teresa Lacina. She rebranded and rebuilt the magazine to update and modernize it, and approached us to build a companion website to the magazine.

We designed and built a site that matched the new branding, and built a custom coupon functionality into the website so she could further expand her sales opportunities by offering online coupons to her customers.

The website we built features:

  • Custom design and development
  • WordPress CMS
  • Responsive architecture
  • Business Directory
  • Coupon administration tools
  • Custom coupon pages and printing capabilities
  • Homepage rotating banner
  • Contact form

We actually have built this site two different times, the second time under unfortunate circumstances. The hosting provider she was using did not inform her that the hosting contract was up for renewal, so they deleted her site and retained no backup of it. We fortunately had a very early development draft of the site still, so we were able to essentially rebuild the entire site again, although many parts of it required that we completely rebuild them again, including the custom coupon functionality. And we did this all in less than a week! In the end the site was relaunched and is actually better than the original site, so all things work out in the end!

** Update: Recently the client decided to shutter their business for personal reasons, while we are sorry to see them go, we thank them for allowing us the opportunity to work with them for many years and wish them well in the future.

Posted by / January 15, 2017