National Rental Locator

This was an interesting site to develop. Trent came to us with an idea and a plan, and was looking for someone to execute that plan for him. He had an entrepreneurial idea to build a rental website, where renters and landlords could go to list and find rentals easily, and provide a conduit for them to connect with each other. He had hand drawings and some general ideas of what he wanted. We took those drawings, had our professional designers put them to screen, and our developers implemented his vision.

We also created the backend systems to list rental properties, and to search for and find listings. This entailed some rather complex logic and forms, but in the end it all came together with a lot of hard work and effort. Trent was thrilled with the outcome and the realization of his vision. He is still in the planning phase for going to market with the site so it has not been launched live as of yet. We hope that will change in the near future!

** Unfortunately the sales and marketing never came together for the owner of the site so it never we fully live, and he has made the decision to take the site offline.

Posted by / January 14, 2017