Freshly Grown

We often work closely with different companies in strategic relationships that play to all of our different strengths. We work with a number of different design and marketing firms to build custom websites for them. We have worked with Liz and Envision ( for many years and it has been an awesome relationship.

We were asked by Liz and Ed Kang at Envision to develop a unique site incorporating a lot of fun features. This was probably the most technically challenging site we’ve worked on. There were so many unique features to this site, but in the end it really came out great, and has some awesome functionality and features you won’t find just anywhere!

We started with a base WordPress theme that implemented a bunch of the functionality we wanted. Then we started customizing and adding to it to make it even better and more user friendly. We couldn’t be happier with the results!

Some of the features of the site include:

  • Postal Code Proximity search with radius filters
  • Tiled company listings with category and listing icons
  • Company listings also accommodate social media listings, Google maps, and more
  • Signups for Local Notifications
  • Account signin for¬†companies and registered users
  • Ability to create a favorites list
  • And much much more!

We also setup the initial hosting and WordPress framework, installed the theme and all the plugins, customized the backend to extend the functionality, and implemented much of the original content.

** Despite best efforts by the marketing team the Freshly Grown initiative was not able to gain traction, and the decision was made by the Freshly Grown team to take the site offline.

UPDATE!! –¬†The site has been relaunched under new ownserhip! You can view the new site at:

Posted by / January 12, 2017