Equity View

We often work closely with different companies in strategic relationships that play to all of our different strengths. We work with a number of different design and marketing firms to build custom websites for them. We have worked with Liz and Envision (http://www.thinkenvision.com) for many years and it has been an awesome relationship.

We were asked by Liz to help with some issues with the Equity View website. There were some implementation issues, things just weren’t working quite right. It’s always challenging to try and fix other people’s mistakes, but we’re up for a good challenge!

We were able to fix all of the issues the customer was experiencing, and even added a few bells and whistles, like a homepage testimonials banner slideshow, and embedding some videos on the site as well. We redid much of the content as well while we were at it.

In addition, they were looking for a new host, so we picked up and moved their entire site for them to a new hosting environment!


Posted by / January 12, 2017