About Us

a bit about us and what we do




longterm relationships

We’re looking for some partners to do business with. We think ongoing relationships are most beneficial when it comes to web development.

Websites need ongoing review and updating in order to be as effective as possible. Trends change, business goals change, economies change, your site needs to change with them.

after launch

  • regularly review site analytics and user testing
  • regularly review and adjust goals and methods
  • continually update to better suit the evolving world


With the rise of smartphones and tablets and even game consoles, people are now connecting to your content on a vast array of devices, all with varying degrees of capabilities and form factors.

There are many different ways to try to solve this problem, and no single one is the correct answer for all situations. BUT, we do believe a good start relies on a few things:

the basics

  • content is focused and easy to access
  • fast fast and faster. don’t keep them waiting
  • no matter how it’s being viewed, your content should be a great representation of you and your goals


Every project presents different problems. And despite what some may claim, there is no cure-all for these problems. There is a proper solution for each problem and it’s important that your website solution is no different.

We have no preference as to how your project gets done, unless you count “well done” as a preference. We have developers that are experienced with a wide array of solutions from open source cms to enterprise ecommerce, we have the nerd-how.

commonly used solutions

  • content management— wordpress, drupal, joomla
  • ecommerce— magento, storefront, pinnaclecart
  • languages— php/mysql, C#, javascript, html, css
  • libraries— jquery, backbonejs, codeigniter, .net